Thursday, 23 August 2012

Sunny Leone says sorry for not exposing in ‘Jism 2’

Stories of Sunny Leone’s erotic seduction spreads far and wide. And even as her debut in Bollywood created a lusty wave almost triggering a tsunami here in India, the angel looking porn star is gearing up with her new release titled ‘Ragini MMS 2’.

The entire nation was swept by Sunny mania as director Pooja Bhatt dared to cast a world renowned porn star in her film ‘Jism 2’. Men waited with bated breath to see the same girl they watched in x-rated films on the big screen now. But, to the disappointment of many, Sunny Leone didn’t live up to her standard.

When Sunny got to know about this, she said, “We have a different set of rules in India. There is a Censor Board we have to answer to, whose rules are pretty strict. There is an adult film industry everywhere. But I did this movie knowing it is mainstream Hindi cinema.”

When Sunny got to hear that her fans felt let down by her, she laughed and said, “I`m sorry for letting them down by not exposing. But hey! They bought the tickets, so I want to thank them!”

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